Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Women’s Wear Daily

Summer 2012 Site Review

Position: Fashion Editorial Intern
Student: American Studies Junior

It is expected that all interns be here at 10am, which I believe to be an excellent time for the day to start. The moment I come in I check my e-mails and respond to anyone who has written me back regarding an upcoming shoot. Then I go into the fashion closet to see if any samples came in after I left for the day, if there are any I will check them in.  After checking in samples I will see what samples can be sent back. I will pack up, address, and arrange for a messenger to pick up these samples so that they can be returned in a timely manner. Once all of this is done I will go back to my desk and check my e-mails again.

If there are no e-mails I will go through the previous days e-mails, which I have organized in a notebook, to review what items I should be expecting for the day and who I should follow up with. When this is completed I make an excel sheet to send to my editor with the progress of what designers we have coming in for the upcoming shoot. If the shoot is close to the shoot date she will make me aware of what designers she really wants so that I can contact them in every way possible so that we have their samples in for the shoot. Kim advises that we use each designer once, so having the racks organized by designer allows edits to go by quicker than usual.

Throughout the day I will continue to check my e-mail and contact designers regarding press inquiries and other events.

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