Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

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Spring 2014 Site Review

Position: Producing Internship
Student: International Relations and Global Studies, Junior

Time Warner Cable News is an overall excellent place to intern. The news organization has been a permanent fixture in the Austin area for over twenty years and has most recently been taken over by Time Warner Cable. The newsroom works on a twenty four hour reel and as a result there is plenty of material to work on as an intern. The internship experience begins with a conference between interns and the staff. The staff as a whole is easily accessible and available at any time for questions. My usual day as a TWC intern began with me signing in and taking the time to evaluate the stories for the day. One thing that is very important to know is that there is so much freedom at this internship. No day is ever really the same unless you purposefully choose it to be. On most days, I would decide what I wanted to work on which was usually writing and editing stories so I would go to a producer and ask for projects. On average, I was able to produce four to five stories during my scheduled time. Officially, my title was producing intern, but since there is so much flexibility there is always an opportunity to learn as much as you want. There are times when you can work on the web desk, editing deck or even reporting. The internship does call for twenty hours a week, but the supervisor is always flexible and it usually depends on the intern. Some come for more hours, some for less time. I was only able to come in for about ten hours a week. But, what was great is that since the newsroom is on a twenty four hour schedule, I was able to come in as late as I wanted or as early. Personally, I liked my time during the morning shift way better than other times because the day was just starting and I was given more responsibility and freedom to pitch stories.

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