Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2018

Position: Community Manager and Translator
Student: Economics Senior
Zello is a great place to work at and specially if you’re a student! They look at the actual things
you’re getting done so there is not a fixed schedule. You just work whenever you can and
although the CEO prefers that you work from the office, it is okay if sometimes you work from
home. This is especially perfect for those day you have to work, but you just got out of a test a
don’t feel like getting ready or interacting with people for the rest of the day. Aside from the
great perks Zello has, I love the people here! They are so smart and nice and this allows you to
learn a lot from all of them. There are a lot of Russians and people from other places (I’m from
Colombia) and it ends up making a great combination. We also have themed happy hours every
now and then and having people from other places make our happy hours even better and more authentic. I think I could write this whole page on how fun it is to work at Zello, but I’ll move to the good stuff.
Regarding my day-to-day activities, since Zello is a startup, there is a lot of work in different
areas to get done so even though I have specific tasks to do everyday (answering emails in
Spanish and Portuguese, and translating), a big part of my days are working on whatever needs
work on at the time. This is why Zello is a place where you will learn to be a doer, be efficient
and self motivated. There is also a lot of room to grow and work in different kinds of projects
with different people which is great if you’re not completely sure of what you want to do once
you graduate. In conclusion, Zello is an awesome place to work at if you’re looking into
flourishing and exploring what you could do once you graduate. Plus, you’d get to see how the
app has helped people around the world in critical times which has been one of my favorite

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