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Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2015 Site Review

Position: Finance Intern
Student: Economics Junior

Since March 8th, 1817, investors have been trying to formulate unique systems that could better predict the future increase or decrease in the stock markets. There are a plethora of data points that have been studied for years to help better understand the market, but in reality, no one knows for sure if a stock will go up or down. As our technology and productivity have increased in recent years, the data analytics industry has grown rapidly. Nowadays, companies know which products to group together in stores, how much money the average consumer will spend in a month, and other unique variables that I am not able to properly explain. This has spun off a new type of product, and a new intriguing tool for investors to use.

7ParkData is a data analytics company that sells specific data to businesses to help them make more intelligent decisions. With specific agreements in place with direct data sources, 7ParkData extrapolates the raw data directly from consumers and imports it into their system. There, 7Park transforms this data into something useful, and sells it to hedge funds and other investment portfolios to help them make more informed decisions.

A typical “day in the life” of a Finance Intern at 7ParkData is interesting and worthwhile, although it is a long day. I get into the office at 815am, and work on contracts, the weekly KPI scorecard, and the distribution file check. At 1240pm, I take a 45-minute lunch, usually at the most convenient Chipotle. At 2pm, I have the weekly finance meeting where I present my work for the week and discuss the current issues with the finance department.

Then, I work on contracts, invoices, Sales force, Office inventory and then before you know it, it’s 545pm so it’s time to go home!

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