Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Austin City Limits

Fall 2019

Position: Media & Communications/Business Development Intern
Student: English Sophomore

I work as a Media & Communications/Business Development intern for ACL Live. ACL Live belongs to the larger Austin City Limits company, which also hosts the Austin City Limits Festival and the ACL television show. The branch of ACL I intern for operates out of Moody Theater, a downtown concert venue which hosts concerts and private events throughout the year. Moody Theater is called as “the best address in music” for a reason – the venue is one the premier live music spaces in not only Austin, but the entire nation.

After taking the bus downtown, I begin an average day at work by checking in with my bosses. I work between two separate departments, Marketing and Business Development, so I check base with my superiors in both departments and receive my agenda for the day. Sometimes, I receive straightforward tasks such as posting promotional flyers around downtown Austin or delivering tickets. If I am working on the day of a show, I am often tasked with suite set-up. I ensure that the guest suites inside of the venue are pristine and their seats are labeled correctly. On other days, I spend time maintaining and adding onto the company’s various marketing spreadsheets. I’m sometimes asked to work for a few hours during the evening on show nights. While working nights, I check in guests at will call or take pictures during the show, which are posted on ACL’s social media accounts. 

Apart from these tasks, I have also contributed to several large-scale projects over the course of the internship. For example, when ACL Live switched its ticketing service, I worked to convert data regarding ticket sales from one platform to the other. The stakes of projects such as these were high, but my bosses were always more than willing to assist me and answer any questions. I finish an average day at work by helping out with office-related tasks such as filing invoices or making copies.


Fall 2017

Position: Production Assistant
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

There’s 2 kinds of days at Austin City Limits, there is office hour days and then there are taping days. On the days I go into the office, the first thing I do is distribute the mail to everyone in the office. I then check in on all our social media. I retweet tweets, reply to Facebook messages, and like Instagram posts we were tagged in. Every day is a little different after that; it depends on what all needs to be done. Most of the time I am scheduling and creating social media posts. On Facebook, I will upload videos and create a post about it and then schedule when it needs to post, I do the same for Twitter minus the video. Twitter there is always the most to schedule since its that one we use to make quick announcements. On Instagram, I take a premade photo and create the caption and the date for it to be posted. It’s really cool going on social media and seeing the content you created and getting to see how many people liked it. 

Now taping days are long days. Depending on the band that is taping an episode that day I normally have to get to the venue between 6 or 7 am. From there we help out hospitality. We bring in all the food for the crew, as well as set it up. We make the coffee for everyone and fill the coolers, to make sure everyone is taken care of throughout the day. We also set up the artist’s dressing rooms. Every artist has requests on what they want in their dressing rooms and we are the ones that make sure they get it. After set up we are there for anything anyone will need. Whether it be making more coffee or dropping off set lists to the crew, we are your go to people! Taping days are my favorite. We get to watch sound check which is basically a private concert and then we get to watch the actually show. It makes getting there so early and having to stay late to clean up and break down worth it.


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