Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

American Heart Association

Fall 2017

Position: Event Planning/ Fundraising Intern
Student: Human Dimensions of Organizations Junior

I work at the American Heart Association as their Event Planning/ Fundraising Intern under the Heart Walk team. It is difficult to explain the day to day responsibilities, because they are constantly changing depending on the project at hand. Overall, they are very flexible with school schedules and last-minute schedule changes. It is expected to work around 15 hours per week, which seemed like a lot at first, until I adjusted. For me, the first two months were full of different projects, assignments, and little tasks here and there that needed to be completed for the Heart Walk itself, which was on October 21st. There was another intern working with me at the time, so a lot of the duties were split up between us.

The first thing that I would do whenever I get into the office is check my email. I would begin my day based off the emails that I had received, if, on the rare occasion that there wasn’t anything for me to do in the email, I would walk over a few cubicles and ask my supervisor if there was anything that I could do. Either that, or I would continue to work on a project that I had previously been asked to work on, that I had yet to finish. 

Before the heart walk, things in the office were somewhat hectic, and they kept me busy. From running errands, making last minute posters, searching the storage room, to calling companies asking for gift donations. I never knew what I would be doing each day. Switching to after the walk, the workload of the job has not changed, especially because the other intern was done after the walk, but the work itself has changed. The team has given me bigger projects that usually take me a week or more to complete. So now, I know what I will be doing in the office before I get there. Overall, the work environment is decently relaxed, everyone who works there is passionate about their mission, which is refreshing. The whole office is very welcoming, and they enjoy working with the interns and hearing fresh ideas to switch things up. The team is extremely grateful for all the interns do, and I feel appreciated for my hard work.

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