Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Summer 2015 Site Review

Position: Operation Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

As a day-to-day rundown of this internship site is hard to pin down, I will opt to write about my responsibilities on a weekly basis. On Mondays it was by far the busiest, I was responsible for creating the Victory Rewards emails that were sent out to reward members, which sometimes could reach up to 35,000 people. I was also responsible for augmenting the weekly trailer/stinger spreadsheet that the projectionists at the theater used to decide which trailers and stingers went with each particular movie. These two tasks pretty much took up the bulk of my day on Mondays.

Each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much reserved for odds and ends meetings with coworkers that needed me for various market share projects, genre analysis projects, and food/box office cost projects. Also on Thursdays I would usually come in and sit in on Skype meetings with a scheduling program company that the Drafthouse was thinking about buying. On Fridays I met with my supervisor and discussed all the tasks I completed each week and made sure that there weren’t any loose ends that I needed to take care of before
the following Monday.

Also on Fridays I would create the weekly Signature Programming report. This internship site kept me extremely busy and was very valuable for teaching me skills I couldn’t have learned in the classroom. I also should note that one shouldn’t sign up for this internship if they are not willing to take it into their own hands and form it into something that they are able to get the most potential out of it. This is not for people who are looking for instruction, but rather it is for people looking to create their own path and take initiative.

Spring 2015 Site Review

Position: Operation Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

A typical day as an intern for the Alamo Drafthouse, specifically the financial department, much like every one else’s typical day that works there, can’t really be described in such a way. Everyone that works there never has a ‘normal’ day, which is probably one of the main things that drew me to the job in the first place. I personally hate the idea of monotony, so this job was perfect for me. Instead of describing the job as a ‘typical day’ sort of style, I will just describe a typical week, which might be easier.

Every Monday, I would attend the Movie Call. This was a conference call that all of the first-run-specific workers would attend. It would be a conference call with the company’s other major theaters around the country and basically the point was to decide which movies they would pick up, which movies they would skip out on, which ones they would keep another week, which ones they would drop in favor of a newer one, etc. This was a very strategic meeting that relied heavily on intuition and the company’s relationship with its brand and its followers to know how well particular films would perform for their company.

The rest of my week would be spent meeting with other corporate workers, getting to know them and inquiring about what they do and some of the responsibilities they would undertake. Mid-week, I would work on particular projects that were designed for me. Some were market share oriented, some were designed to help struggling theaters with their costs, etc. A lot of the work I did was at home since in this day and age important office work can almost be done remotely.At the end of the week I would meet face to face with my supervisor and describe in detail what I learned that week and what I plan to do the following week.

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