Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Altor National

Fall 2018

Position: Marketing/Copyrighting Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior  

My alarm goes off at 7:30 A.M. I quickly hop in the shower, put on something nice, and make some coffee using my Kalita wave. I always use fresh beans from the local coffee shop next to my house. It puts me in the perfect mood, and I believe that this is vital for a productive day. Then by 8 o’clock I head to the office. The office is over by 360 bridge, so it’s important to give yourself a 20-30 min window for driving. It’s a nice drive though, especially in the fall. I love seeing all of those red and yellow trees and the beautiful houses that sit on top of Austin’s finest hills. Then, I get to the office, and my boss, Jason, says, “hello Walker”. I say my hellos, and get to my desk. Jason is a tech guy, and so each cubicle is equipped with a laptop, two other monitors, a wireless mouse and keyboard, and an optional stand-up desk. My other boss is Marissa. She does marketing, but works remotely from Kansas (I didn’t know that until my second or third week of working there). Anyway, Marissa usually calls or emails me with the plans for the day. This could be anything from editing insurance applications to researching gifts to give to our clients for Christmas. I work on my projects until G2G which starts at 9:30 only on Tuesdays. This is where everyone in the office gets together at the conference room to share what they have been doing that week. I enjoy it a lot because usually my projects are the most interesting. Then, I get back to my projects until 12, so I can have my 1 hour lunch break. There are a ton of options, and I try to pick something new every time. I get back to the office by 1 o’clock, and I am feeling pretty sleepy, but thankfully I have a stand-up desk. By 3 o’clock, I’ll probably check back in with Jason to let him know where I am in my Projects, and then at 4:30, I head home!

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