Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

American Gateways

Fall 2018

Position: Immigration Intern
Student: English Senior

I am an immigration intern at American Gateways. Normally I come into the office in the morning and grab my assignments folder, which is in my supervisor’s office. Since I am not in the office every day if there is an assignment for me, the lawyers and clerks will leave a copy of the task and instructions for it to be completed by a set date. I go through the folder to see which are prioritized and then go into my supervisor’s office for any further instructions or questions I may have. If the assignment needs any further clarification, I can always go straight to the office of the person who assigned it.

The day to day is different depending on what is happening around the office. I do a lot of translations of documents from Spanish into English. Most of them are affidavits, statements, birth and marriage certificates, and letters of moral character. For the most day the day is spent on my computer working on these documents until I am ready to turn them in. I also help contact different clients when there are informational meetings for them to attend. After the meetings have taken place I will go through their files and collect any pertinent information that the lawyers might need to have on hand.

There are also opportunities to visit the detention center in Hutto. All you have to do is submit the paperwork in order to be cleared for visitations. I asked to go one day, since it is normally an all-day event I did not go often. It was a great experience. When I was there, I got to collect information on the women that listened to presentations. I also directed the women on where to go depending on their need and what lawyer they needed to talk to. I got to talk to one particular woman while I was there about her whole detention experience and the reason she had fled her country and feared returning. It was very heart wrenching to hear her story but it was also a good reminder of why I want to continue to work with non-profits.

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