Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

American Northwest Regional Center

Fall 2016  

Position: Marketing Manager Intern
Student: Economics Senior 

I am a marketing manager at the American Northwest Regional Center. My job is to overseeing marketing content and promotional activities, organizing and planning marketing activities. For example, I’m planning a big event with three student groups next spring. For this event, we are expecting at least three hundred people coming. I’m also responsible to interacting with prospective and existing clients, client servicing, and client prospecting. Other than that, I am also in charge for database management, website and social media management, translation, expanding geographic reach of our client base, SEC and USCIS compliance.  Those are my work responsibilities. Other than that, I also have to follow the company rules as an employee. As a private funding company, we have a responsibility to protect corporate information.

My typical day starts at nine in the morning. It’s okay to come later at nine thirty. However, Nick, our general manager, will come before nine anyway. Then I start my work, whatever I plan to do that day. I always write down my to-do-list at the end of the day so that I could quickly organize my schedule in the morning. Our group internal meeting happens every Wednesday, but we might have many small conversations during the day. During the group meeting, we will quickly review what we have done in last week. But what we really focus is to make our next work plan. Other than regular reports, we will have a brain storming section. Everyone could bring their idea and share with us. A very important daily task is to record my work hours and write daily work report. It usually takes up to ten minutes to finish it. I need to summarize what I have done during the day and record important information.

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