Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Anderson Roberts, PLLC

Fall 2017

Position: Legal Intern
Student: English Senior

I completed a legal internship at Anderson Roberts, PLLC in Austin, Texas. It is located on Congress Ave., which is walking distance to the Capitol, so there were many trips taken to the Texas State Law Library to conduct legal research, search for cases, and familiarize myself with legal databases. I plan to attend law school in the next few years, so this internship was perfect for me because I attended client meetings, learned legal skills such as Bluebook citations and Shepardizing (using WestLaw and LexisNexis legal databases for research), drafted legal memoranda, and experienced working in a professional legal environment.

A typical day at the firm required time management skills because the partners gave me tasks (such as legal research, client research/meetings, and going to the library), which might have endured for weeks or could be completed daily. I learned how to budget my time at the office while also using my time outside the office to come into my internship prepared to ask questions pertaining to my various tasks. I took trips to the Law Library, received a library card, and used their computers which gave me access to WestLaw and Lexis, which are the databases that contain cases which have been published, and then sorts them into categories so different sections/statutes of law are grouped accordingly to how they fit into each case/precedent/law. It’s quite overwhelming at first, but, like everything, practice is the only way to gain familiarity with these programs, so it took a few trips to become comfortable with how the databases worked. In addition to the databases, I became more familiar with Bluebook citations, which is the formal legal citations used in all legal memos, case summaries/publications, and legal literature. This is perhaps one of the most valuable skills I could have honed before entering law school, because it gave me knowledge that would complement my legal studies.

While at the office, I also attended client meetings, which were interesting because I had the opportunity to hear actual client cases and experience the conversations between clients and partners. It’s one thing to read about clients or watch shows about law, but it’s a completely difference experience to hear it in person. It also helped me decide which areas of law I’d like to either pursue, or steer clear of. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Anderson Roberts and have hopes to pursue other legal internships in the future. 

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