Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Austin Police Department

Fall 2018

Position: APD Forensic Science Division Intern
Student: Anthropology Junior

 Before actually starting, this internship requires a background check and going to the main station so that they can take the potential candidate’s fingerprints as well as signing some paperwork. The very first day was getting the opportunity to meet my supervisor and the student is required to take a buccal swab to eliminate any potential future DNA contamination of evidence. The student is assigned a specific supervisor according to their interest, since I chose crime scene, I spent most of my time here, other students may pick latent prints, ballistics etc. However, the internship coordinator and the supervisor are very lenient in allowing other opportunities for students to see other sections outside of their assigned one; for instance, I was able to spend a day in ballistics. As for assignments, there isn’t really anything the department needs for students to do. Crime scene is typically consists of ride outs with the PCs (Property Crime Technicians) and going with them when they answer calls. PCs only collect evidence for burglaries of residences, non-residences, auto-thefts and break-ins of cars. Specialists like CSUs handle evidence related to crimes against persons which can range from armed robbery, assault, homicide, and suicide. Depending on the supervisor, the intern may be able to accompany the CSUs since it can be dramatically different, and they emphasize the opportunity of being able to see everything. In terms of time, the department is very flexible with interns as to when they can come in, so scheduling is not an issue. Then, a student’s main responsibility will be to make sure the sufficient number of hours every week is met as well as turning in weekly journals the class assigns. In brief, I would say this was a unique opportunity that allowed me to be able to network with some professionals and getting information about their methodological processes, lab work, responsibilities and daily interactions not only with civilians but with other departmental employees like those of the medical examiner’s office and the police.

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