Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Ascendant Capital

Spring 2018

Position: Capital Markets Intern
Student: Economics Senior

A day in the life of a Capital Markets intern at Ascendant Capital is a glorious one. Ascendant Capital, a place where business leaders are made out of molds pressurized under the pillars of duty, integrity, and trust. An Interns existence revolves around the honor of serving high net-worth clients, whom count on Ascendant to provide a fixed income strategy that they can be proud of. Being a part of Ascendant Capital is no walk in the park, but rather a 100-meter dash with 10 foot hurdles. Those who can stand the pressure are destined for great success in the private equity sector.

An intern’s day begins at 7:45 AM. They are to report to their department head no later than 8 AM, which will provide them with the tasks or objectives that are expected of them that day. Interns are also entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the office kitchen. The kitchen duties are to be regulated amongst the interns themselves throughout the day with tasks split among them equally. During a work day an intern has free range to work on anything he or she desires may it pertain to the company. This gives interns the flexibility of rotating to the department of their desire so that they are still completing their deliverables by the set time line. Come noon the office staff may begin their lunch routines; may that include leaving to grab a bite or going to the kitchen to create or eat a meal you brought. The day wraps up around 5 PM when interns are to follow up with their superiors on the progress of their work. Interns are also expected to perform ad-hoc requests that may be asked on by executives in the company, for example grabbing the office lunch, or coffee runs for the CEO in the morning. This is countered by the events that interns are invited to hosted by the company.

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