Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Ascension United

Summer 2017

Position: Account Executive Intern
Student: Economics Senior

In the early days of my internship, my manager was in the process of wrapping up a project and I was brought on in an assistive capacity on that project. I was still in training for the first week and would only run the basic analytics and assist with a few slides on the presentations. After about 2 weeks we began a new project and that was when the real work started. Once we began the new consult, I would go to every meeting with my supervisor, take notes , try to make tangible inputs in the conversation and back up my supervisor’s suggestions with previously collected data. I also got to interview a lot of clients one-on-one after those meetings, and I felt really good about the fact that he trusted me with that.

On a day-to-day basis, I work mainly with senior analysts on my team running numbers to solve the problem presented on a project. Once we think we’ve gotten sufficient data we run it by my supervisor so he can make a reasonable recommendation to the client on our next meeting. Once he decides on a course of action, he give us clear directions on how to go about the presentation. Once that is finished, we head over to the client’s office for the presentation and I was usually given the responsibility of clicking through. Typically, I’m at my desk until 5:30 or 6 p.m. on the days in between presentations and client meetings. During this summer we worked on a consult in Dallas and our days there were mostly the same part from the fact that they began at a hotel and we worked solely at the client’s office. During this time, we had a daily food and transport stipend. The company also has team nights every Wednesday and it fosters healthy competitions amongst people and helps everyone get to know each other. This summer was extremely fulfilling and I’m happy that I spent it learning are how to be a true professional and how to build new relationships.

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