Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Aspen Heights Partners

Spring 2018

Position: Marketing Associate Intern
Student: IRG Sophomore

As a Marketing Associate Intern for Aspen Heights Partners, I was able to learn more about the student housing industry all around Austin. As an intern, I had marketing and leasing responsibilities to ultimately reach a goal of 100% preleased. Through direct marketing and being approachable my fellow interns and I were able to do just that.

A typical day in my working hours consisted of lots of hands on tasks. This included direct and social media marketing, tours of potential residents, and follow ups for leads. Each day was different from the previous day. That is one quality that I enjoyed most about working for Aspen. This was especially crucial for the interns who worked five days in row. Also, there was a transparency among the staff. Any intern, or staff, or corporate member could articulate their ideas without ridicule. I enjoyed sharing my marketing Ideas. I was especially glad when I would see them come to life!

An intern is supposed to be organized, on time, and friendly day in and day out. It was important to be organized because it allowed the company as a whole to function efficiently. For example, my organization led to impactful follow ups. If I had spoken to someone a week earlier about a specific task, I am supposed to document that so that it can be mentioned or referred to in the future. Being on time allows for the company to be successful. Typically, interns came during their class schedules which can make this difficult. However, it is important to be well prepared from the moment you clocked in. This allowed myself to be focused on my daily tasks and long-term goals. To be friendly, is something expected in any workplace. This characteristic led Aspen, and myself to expand Aspen’s social media presence and reviews! The main thing many people look at in West Campus is how well-reviewed a building is. This is vital to the success of the company. And these three skills are skills that I built and strengthened. Do not be afraid to ask questions, it will only improve you for the long-run.

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