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Austin City Reality

Spring 2016 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Economics Junior

This internship is a real estate sales agent position. The company is called Austin City Realty which is a real estate agency and a property management company. This internship has five parts.

First, you need to get a Texas Real Estate Salesperson License in order to work as a real estate agent. You need to take 180 hours of online courses and passed all quizzes and exams. Then, you need to send all required document to Texas Real Estate Commission in order to take the license exams for a permit. After receiving the permit from Texas Real Estate Commission, you will schedule a time to take the national and state exams. After ten business days of passing the two exams, you will receive your license and are trained in the office. You will receive three training in total of six hours. The trainings teach you how a real estate agent works.

Second, this is the first step of this position. As a sales position, you need to contact many clients. The company will give you some clients and you can also find clients yourself. The salary of this position is by commission so the more clients you find, the more you can get. You can contact your clients by email, phone, or in person. In the first several contacts, you need to collect all their requirements on properties that they need.

Third, you need to find a list of properties that fit your clients’ requirements from companies’ available leasing properties. Most of agencies share their available leasing properties near UT campus.

Fourth, you need to contact your clients to schedule a time to show the list of properties. Before the showing time, you need to contact the management companies of these properties to pick up keys and contact current tenants in advance.

Fifth, paperwork is the last step of this work. After your clients make their decisions, you need to help them fill out the application forms and collect all fees. After application approved by the management company, your clients can sign lease contracts.

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