Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Austin Film Festival

Spring 2018

Position: Executive Intern
Student: Economics Junior

I work as an Executive Intern, so my days depend on various projects my supervisor assigns. I go to my supervisor right after I arrive at work. She assigns day’s projects and explains what they are about. I gain insights on projects mostly by understanding the purpose of a project. After that, I find a place to work on those projects, and my supervisor allows me to work by myself. If I can’t finish a project on time, I can continue working on the it later. If I finish it earlier, she usually gives me another project.

Hardest project for me was matching public figures on pictures of last festivals from 1994 with name. I understood this project’s purpose, which it would be easier for us to use the pictures for marketing purpose if the pictures were sorted by public figures. It drained my energy because it was very difficult to figure out who the person on a picture 20 years ago. My favorite type of projects is excel-using projects, dealing with data. I could come up with efficient idea to sort and analyze data easily.

Fall 2016  

Position: Screenwriting Intern
Student: English Junior 

Austin Film Festival is a hidden gem in East Austin that is very exciting and a really great place to work. I have had the privilege of working here since last May and with each few weeks comes different aspects of the industry.

I was lucky enough to be able to intern at the Austin Film Festival this past summer. Throughout the summer my tasks became more and more essential to the festival, from organizing scripts to eventually reading and evaluating scripts for the competition, I felt that I was really part of the team.

What I love about the Austin Film Festival is that it is a film festival, but more than that it is a writer’s festival. As a student that hopes to pursue screenwriting, it is very encouraging and exciting to see a competition that rewards the writing aspect of film. So often I struggle in having a script that I love but do not necessarily have the right camera, editing facilities, actors, etc. to bring that screenplay to life. This festival takes that worry away.

Since working at the Austin Film Festival I definitely have more knowledge for the festival world and also more knowledge about what makes a script a festival winning script.


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