Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Baylor Scott and White Healthcare

Spring 2018

Position: Pharmacy Technician
Student: Sociology Senior
I decided to intern with Baylor Scott and White Healthcare (BSWH) in Round Rock due
to my interests in pharmacy and healthcare administration. I chose BSWH over competing
healthcare facilities in the area because of their mission statement. BSWH is very open to
personalized healthcare and receptive to innovative ideas. The company is very supportive of
their employees continued education and helps them reach their goals. I felt supported
immediately during my interview and on my first day. As a native of Round Rock, I see what
BSWH offers the growing community and wanted to be a part of it!
My shift begins at noon and the first thing I do is get information about what has been
going on since I was last in the pharmacy. The morning and afternoon teams discuss the drug
backorders and shortages and how we will tackle the situation. Once I am caught up, I check our list of IV medications that need to be made. I plan my day around this task, since it is the most time consuming. Once I am done, I deliver medications to our medication dispensing machines in the entire hospital. This includes refilling narcotics and patient specific medications. Once I come back from my delivery, I go into our clean room and begin preparing the IV fluids that are needed for the day. I also batch IV fluids that have long stability for the week. As soon as I am out of the clean room, I refill kits for our medical staff as well as take care of tasks assigned by the pharmacists. I also answer the phone and help the nurses and medical staff locate their drugs.
The last task I take care of before leaving is ordering drugs for the next day. Since I am
the main pharmacy technician on the weekends, I am in charge of keeping track of inventory. I
make sure to order the correct and appropriate amount of drugs for the weekday. Once the night team comes in, I pass on vital information about the day.

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