Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

BelStone Capital

Spring 2015 

Position: Investment Banking Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

At the start of this internship you will be introduced to your supervisor and anyone else that you will be communicating with. For me, my direct supervisor was an investment banking associate named Luke and I was also in contact with an investment banking analyst named Tristan for certain projects. Once you have become acquainted with everyone you need to be acquainted with your workload will start up right away.

Mostly everyday you can expect to have at least one company profile to complete. These profiles are comprised of key information about the company, such as their business plan and financial information, and information about the member of the company that a senior member of the investment bank will be talking to. On top of company profiles, you can expect to be doing precedents and comparables, which are transaction or company analysis, when there is a deal being done. These are done through a template on excel that your supervisor will send to you and explain anything you don’t know how to do already.

The last step in the due diligence of a deal is an introductory deck, which is a power point that you will put together comprising your comparables and precedents, some projected analysis, and information about what the investment bank can do for the company. These won’t come often as deals aren’t always going on, but when they do, putting everything together is very rewarding. All of your work will be done either on your personal computer or in the McCombs financial lab so you have access to financial software for company analysis and financial information.

On top of work for the investment bank you will be placed with, there are also other cool projects available that you can ask for if your workload is slow during a certain week. These projects can include research, other analysis, or an introduction to another aspect of the financial industry. Your work will be pretty repetitive, but the experience is worth it and you will learn a lot about the investment banking industry and yourself.

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