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Betts Recruiting

Summer 2020 Site Review

Position: Recruiting Intern
Student: HDO Senior

Student Name: Abigail Moorhead 

Betts Recruiting is a company that primarily recruits for sales, people operations, and marketing within the software as a services space.  In short terms, I like to describe Betts as a tech recruiting firm.  The company was founded by Carolyn Betts in 2009 in California and now has five offices around the United States including the New York office who I worked for virtually this summer.  Early on in my junior year I was extremely overwhelmed with finding an internship in an industry where I felt truly passionate about what I was doing.  While I had had multiple other internships that helped me realize industries that I was less interested in, I still felt that I was no closer to my ideal job.  I genuinely just did not know what else was out there because I was lost trying to search for an industry that I did not know existed.  That is when I got put in contact with a private career counselor who helped me narrow down what was personally important for me in my career and that is when I landed on recruiting.  I got connected with Betts because a managing director in the New York office went to UT and is also an alumnus of my sorority.  This similarity provided us with a common ground that helped her understand more about me.

Once I had started my internship my primary focus was on sourcing for potential new candidates.  Basically, what that means is that I am looking through multiple databases to try and find a candidate with experience that match up with what the client (the company) is looking for.  For example, if the client is a marketing tech company who is looking for a business development representative, I would look for people living in New York who have 6 months to a year of experience in a marketing tech firm who is open to looking at new opportunities.  On top of sourcing, I would also help out with scheduling calls for the recruiters and organizing information to make their work more efficient.  I would have to say that my favorite thing about my internship was how I got to communicate with new people every day.  I was constantly reaching out to potential candidates and listening in on their preliminary phone calls with recruiters and it was fascinating to see how a Linkedin profile comes to life! 

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