Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

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Summer 2019

Position: Intern
Student: Urban Studies & Humanities 

Black & McDonald’s internship program is only a few years old but they have developed a structured program that offers a beneficial opportunity in several possible lines of business. Departments include engineering and energy; health, safety, and the environment; construction project management; and facilities management. There is also an aspect of business development and I have been able to do research on market growth and strategy pertaining to Internet of Things/Smart Cities programming because I have some perspective on the industry and its socioeconomic implications from my coursework. My role has also included insight into the development of public-private partnerships formed to execute infrastructure and development projects, which are foundational for the work done by the company. Some of the other interns have worked on projects in other areas including electrical engineering and power, so there are opportunities for some varied interests.

The internship program itself is well-structured. Each intern is assigned a mentor with whom they work closely and have weekly check-in meetings. The mentor is in the department you are working with, so they are essentially who the intern does the most learning from. There is a structured Work Plan that cover specific competencies and aspects of the business that the mentor and intern work through together and track their progress. There were many other senior employees interested in talking to me, even in other offices. I had several phone conference calls with other regional officers and got to observe a lot of how the company operates internally.

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