Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

The Boon Group

Summer 2016 

Position: Product Management
Student: IRG Senior

I started working at the Boon Group the 6th of June of 2016, my role was that of intern in the product management department. I arrived slightly before 9:00 am, since during the first days of the internship at nine in the morning, the CEO gave a conference call in which he talked about the company’s updates, like successful sales, client feedback and other events. I would then serve myself a cup of coffee and start whatever work I had been assigned.

The work I was often assigned primarily dealt with the analysis of extensive data, and the mapping of it, principally in Excel. The data came from the company’s files and archives but also from customer relationship management software like Salesforce, Confluence, Contribution Depot, Jira, among others. The analysis of the data, was very busy work, since the archives needed to complete tasks were very extensive.

The data was extensive since it came from and was used sometimes by all the other departments. The purpose of the analysis and mapping was to detect the inefficiencies in the system, (like field duplicates, files in wrong archives and ghost phone numbers). I mapped this inefficiency in excel and then delivered them to my supervisor, who proceeded to integrate the data into the product cycle. At the end of the cycle, the data was utilized on a presentation to the executives to let them known the inefficiencies in the system and the solution for them. The executives would either implement the solution or send the product back to the cycle, where a better solution would be figured out. I usually finished my day at 5:00 pm or later if I had work pending.

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