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C3 Presents and C3 Management

Fall 2019

Position: Casino Marketing & Talent Management Intern
Student: Plan II & Government Sophomore

My internship was at a company called C3 Presents, who most famously puts on both Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza in Chicago. My job wasn’t in the festival department, however, but in the casino’s division. A large part of C3’s work is in casinos, where they are hired to book acts on the behalf of casino clients ranging from Caesar’s in Vegas to smaller locations like Harrah’s Bossier in Louisiana.  My internship required me to assist in the marketing and talent management side of this department. What this meant for me was drafting long term marketing budgets for acts, creating email blasts from Ticketmaster (among other ticket providers) to advertise shows, doing market research to determine an artist’s potential success in a certain region, doing research on past performance history of artists, and of course, the occasional invoice.

One of the coolest parts of working at C3 is the internship site. Located on East 6th Street, the office is barely a year old, and, as to be expected from a company in the music industry, has a super hip and open design. The building is surrounded by great food, like Ramen Tatsu-ya, and other very Austin-like stores. Having this fun work environment made C3 especially nice compared to other business environments.

Last, maybe the best part of C3 Presents is the quality of people who work there. Everyone is incredibly kind and willing to teach interns when they are new, and this makes the process of interning so much better. C3 has incredibly high standards for the work that interns put in, but this is combined with a thorough effort to teach interns how to do such great work. I can say with complete confidence that my time at C3 has taught me an incredible amount of intangible work skills required to succeed in the music industry, and none of this work would have been possible without the guidance of so many qualified and understanding coworkers.

So, in conclusion, interning at C3 is a great experience that I would recommend to any student looking to gain insight to the music industry. The company has it all – a great work location, great staff, and work that truly makes you feel important. The job isn’t merely sorting invoices or picking up coffee, it is almost entirely centered around work that is imperative in ensuring that the company runs smoothly.

Summer 2019

Position: Guest Services & Site Operations Intern
Student: Sustainability Junior

The Guest Services/Site Operations Internship is one of the most involved internships that C3 has to offer. It covers a wide array of areas of the festival, and you are able to get a feel for how broad the department is at the company. There is a lot to be done in the summer semester, considering Lollapalooza comes up quick in August and there are a ton of fall festivals that need to be prepared for. There is plenty to do in the office because of the timing of the summer semester with these festivals. You will work on the sustainability initiatives of the company, the non-profits that plan to come on site, and the patrons themselves via email. There is usually a trip to the warehouse to take note of the inventory and to write down what needs to be ordered for the next festivals. At the end of the summer, some of the festival interns at C3 are given the opportunity to work Lollapalooza. I was lucky enough to be able to experience it. You spend a week in Chicago on the festival site preparing, running, and then taking it all down.

Fall 2018

Position: Media Marketing Intern
Student: Economics Senior

This past semester I interned at C3 Presents with the festival marketing team here in Austin. C3 Presents is a very prominent company in the music industry with a number different important functions. C3 Presents puts on many concerts in Austin including shows at Stubb’s and Emo’s, it has a artist management department, and most notably, C3 produces music festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza. The company has offices in Austin, Los Angeles, and New York.

During my internship at C3 Presents, I had the amazing opportunity to work on the festival media team. Just like the title sounds, the festival media team is responsible for marketing C3’s festivals. Since my internship took place in the fall, the relevant festivals during my time at C3 were ACL and Voodoo Arts + Music Experience in New Orleans. Leading up to ACL, I was responsible for managing the College ACL ambassadors and coordinating with them to make sure they completed their work in exchange for tickets. Additionally, I helped the team to organize and fulfill comped tickets for media partners. The media team does a lot of business by making trades, so instead of paying for media in cash, they pay in comped festival tickets. Therefore, it's important that the trades are accurately carried out. I also got to work on-site at ACL and Voodoo fest. On both fridays of ACL, I worked the box office to distribute the media and photo passes. Then during the rest of weekend one, I helped assist my team in the press lounge. During the second weekend, I assisted the PR team in escorting photographers in and out of the photo pits at various stages. At Voodoo fest, I managed the press lounge on my own and served as the main point of contact for all approved press. Working at C3 was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Spring 2018

Position: Digital Festival Marketing Intern
Student: Rhetoric and Writing Senior

My internship at C3 Presents was one of the best experiences. With my goal of working in the entertainment industry, being able to work for and learn from one of the most well known production companies was amazing! I was the Digital Festival Marketing intern so I worked very closely with the marketing team and with the music festivals we also put on. My days started at 10:30 am Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and end around 3-3:30 pm.

Day-to-day also varied slightly. On Monday’s I would attend the “digi” meetings where the digital marketing team would meet about what tasks needed to be done for the week. It was time for everyone to be sure they were on the same page. They would also include me in coming up with campaign ideas in those meetings and fill me in on what I needed to focus on for that week. From there I would then go and check in on all the festival emails. Every email sent to or Lollapalooza was checked and replied to by me! Some days were crazy than others, especially when tickets and line ups would be released, or the week leading up to the festival. I learned great customer relations in doing this. I also learned a lot about our festivals. Once emails were done I would check in with the team to see if they needed anything! I did a lot of work with Austin Food and Wine’s social media and worked closely with one of my supervisors. 

One of my favorite things was the intern lunches we would have. Every couple of weeks they would put on a lunch for us interns and have someone from a department come and speak to us so we could learn all about the other areas at C3. C3 really cared about teaching us about them as a company.

Position: Artist Management Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship over the past semester has been with C3 Presents in Austin, TX. C3 Presents is a music agency specializing in festivals, concerts, casino booking, and artist management. At C3 Presents, the company goal is to, “Make people stand up & cheer,” and they succeed in this endeavor throughout the three main departments. A lot of this success is driven by experience, as C3 has produced events ranging from the White House Easter Egg Roll and President Obama’s Inauguration, to music festivals like Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza International. However, a lot of the success at C3 is driven by their battle-tested and experimental marketing techniques, with the festival and concerts divisions each housing their own marketing teams. My internship was spent in the management division, C3 MGMT, so I can only speak to my experience in this part of the company.

At C3 MGMT, interns are required to work a minimum of 15 hours a week. At the beginning of my internship, I essentially planned out my own weekly schedule, only having to meet this 15 hour requirement. This flexibility was one of the greatest perks of the job, and, without it, It would have been very difficult to be successful at both school and work. Being in the music industry, a lot of what’s happening is on the West coast. This means that C3’s office in Austin opens when the offices on the West coast open. This was another great perk. Aside from this, the people at C3 are great. If you need and seek help, you will find it. Each day you can learn as much as your willing to ask.

 As far as what my job was like on a daily basis. On the days I worked in the office, Monday-Thursday, I would arrive in the office by 9:30. After setting up my desk, I would go grab a coffee and return to see if my supervisor needed help with anything. If not, I would move along to the next manager, and so on until I found work to do. In some cases, I would have work I hadn’t finished the day before to complete at this time and would do that first in such a case. These tasks could range from packaging and shipping band merchandise, to updating tour dates, to creating email blasts to announce album releases. After completing these tasks, It was on me to search for more work to complete. I worked on tour advances, completed A&R research (Artists and Repertoire), and ran social media for a band on our roster. This would continue until it was time for me to leave for class.

Fall 2017

Position: Artist Management Intern
Student: Plan II Senior

This fall I interned at C3 Presents under the management team. C3 Presents in an entertainment planning company. They specialize in music festivals such as ACL and Lollapalooza. They also plan shows in Austin at Emo’s and Stubbs. I worked every MWF from 9 to 12. The times are really flexible. Most interns came in later than 9am.

I worked in the management department at C3 Presents. The management team focuses on the promoting and guiding artists into a successful career. My tasks for the management team were broad. I researched new artists. I found local artists to play at festivals. I helped organized the tour logistics and organized accounting goals. I created presentations new artists. I worked very closely to the entire management team.  My team travelled a lot to all the festivals and tours. So times are really flexible since work is based on events not a routine.

Besides helping the management team, I did other things around the office. I assisted other teams such as accounting, logistics, and production teams. I worked with organizing aspects of Lollapalooza such as golf cart rentals. I also helped other teams create calendars and sort finances.

As an intern, I had to opportunity to network in the office and build a foundation within the entertainment industry.  I also was allowed to attend concerts for free if I managed the merchandise table or took tickets at the door. Overall everyone at C3 Presents are super nice and it is a great place to work. Everyone is helpful and wants to make sure you understand and are comfortable with everything. I really enjoyed my time at C3 Presents. 

Summer 2017  

Position: Concerts Marketing Intern
Student: Psychology Sophomore 

C3 Presents is in an amazing building on East 6th street in Austin. The atmosphere of the office is unbeatable- there are many windows that let in lots of natural light, and the office is very open. It has a slightly industrial feel, with exposed pipes and concrete floors, while there is beautiful artwork placed all around the office. The vibes of the company itself are amazing as everyone who works there is extremely welcoming, smart, and personable. It is very clear that all of the employees at C3 are knowledgeable and really know what they are doing. 

When you have an internship at C3, you are given the freedom to choose your days/hours before it starts, as long as you are working at least 15 hours per week. So, on a typical day as a concerts marketing intern, you come in at whatever time you have chosen, and you open up your computer and check all of the apps and emails that apply to you. There is a specific website that is used for bosses to assign tasks to interns, a specific website that is used for chats and messages that need to be sent and seen quickly. Some of the daily tasks of a concerts marketing intern include, but are not limited to: making sure that the Facebook events for all of the upcoming concerts are up to date, updating the social calendar that schedules posts to several different social media outlets, researching artists and making sure that the C3 Concerts website includes all of the necessary information about each artist, measuring ads in newspapers and calculating their prices, creating Facebook ads for concerts, and putting up concert posters around Austin. Each day, you have to make sure that all of your necessary daily tasks are complete, and also make sure that you ask your bosses if there is anything else you can help with, because there usually is! Also, since the company is so welcoming and open to exploration, you are very encouraged to walk around the office and see if your help is needed in any departments other than your own. Each day at C3 brings something new and exciting upon you, so it is not a boring internship at all!

Spring 2017  

Position: Ticketing Internship
Student: Psychology Senior

During the Spring 2017 semester I have been working as a Ticketing Assistant at C3 Presents under Amanda Ludwig. I will describe a “Day in the Life” of a Ticketing Assistant, in hopes that it helps future students determine whether or not they’d be interested in this position for their own internship. Your day as a C3 intern would begin at their office, which is located on East 6th street. Be prepared to find parking, which is the only negative aspect of the internship. Since there isn’t a designated parking garage, you will need to find a space along the street which is usually paid per hour. Afterwards, you would walk to their office building and check in with the receptionist (this is to be done daily), who will buzz you up on the elevators to your designated floors – the ticketing department is located on the fourth floor of the building. Something that is interesting to note, is that Conde Nast and Front Gate Tickets are located within the same office building. The office will always have free coffee and Red Bull, and there is a kitchen on each floor for you to use when bringing lunch. 

As soon as you’ve gotten your coffee/water, you would sit down at your designated desk and start the computer. You would want to open Slack, which is a chat program that is used as a means of communication within the company. If you didn’t receive any messages, you would move on to your email inbox. There would be two inboxes which you are responsible for checking, your personal Ticketing Assistant inbox, and the Donations inbox. If there were any incoming donations requests, you would want to provide them with the link to our donations request page where they could submit their inquiry for consideration. If they had been given approval, you would want to provide them with the items that they won, and notify the appropriate parties.

Immediately after having caught up with any donations requests, you would want to check with your supervisor to see what daily tasks needed to be completed for any upcoming festivals. This is where your tasks will vary over the course of the semester. There may be days where you are organizing some of our existing wristband inventory, or there may be days where you are responsible for handling new ticket/wristband types that are coming in. Overall, there is a mix of administrative tasks and tasks related to fulfillment that you will handle on a day-to-day basis. As long as you are able to commit to three five-hour shifts a week (a total of 15 hours a week), you would be able to complete the requirements of this internship. You will have the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and fellow interns bi-weekly at intern luncheons as well. 

Fall 2016

Position: Special Events Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

This semester, I have been an intern in the Special Events division at C3 Presents. C3 Presents creates, markets and produces concerts and events all over the world. C3’s employees coordinate these events from start to finish.  C3 has its own in house marketing, publicity, ticketing, sponsorship, talent buying, accounting, and legal services.  Its motto is “We’re in the Business of Putting Smiles on People’s Faces”

My hours at C3 varied, but I typically worked on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Fridays for a total of about 12 hours a week. I’m not sure how many interns worked at C3 this semester, but I was the only intern in the Special Events department.

I never really had a “typical” day at my internship, and this is why I enjoyed my semester at C3 so much.  I was hired to work in the Special Events division, but, at my internship, I was exposed to all of the various divisions at C3. Some days I would arrive at work and there wasn’t any work that needed to be done in Special Events, but there was a request from another division asking for help, so I would help out with whatever needed to be done. Some of these other departments were Ticketing, Contracts and Production.  

Some days at work in the Special Events department I would be filing expense reports for the employees who had to travel to various events produced by C3. Other days I would be on the phone trying to contact potential sponsors and vendors for upcoming events. Or, I might be uploading contracts.  I enjoyed the time I spent researching various festivals around to world to determine whether they had potential to being developed into large-scale festivals by C3. I also helped to identify and contact judges that might be available for the Food and Wine Events produced by C3. I felt like each task was important and I was given a lot of responsibility.

Summer 2016 

Position: Digital Marketing Intern
Student: Journalism/Public Relations Sophomore

I currently work as a Digital Marketing Intern for C3 Presents for the Festival Marketing Team. Within that, I am the “Lollapalooza Intern.” This means that I regularly choose and post photos to Lollapalooza’s Instagram account, respond to comments and posts across all social media channels, help program basic code for website updates, respond to emails sent to the email address, contribute marketing pitches to marketing meetings and generally assist the digital team with whatever is needed. C3 is very flexible with scheduling. I have changed my hours to accommodate my class schedule (summer session 1 vs. summer session 2) but my supervisors care more about me completing my work than about a strict schedule. In general, I work anywhere from 15-20 hours a week. It has been an incredible opportunity. I love the staff, the work and how I actually contribute to the company. I am currently at Lollapalooza right now working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and to promote the festival digitally. While here, I am working a lot more, but it is an awesome experience. I have cultivated relationships not only with my supervisors, but also with many other interns in the many different departments of C3. It’s been an extremely valuable internship and overall, I have learned a lot and have enjoyed my time immensely at C3.

Position: Concert Graphics Intern
Student: Advertising Sophomore

I usually worked about 16 hours a week, give or take an hour. I was able to make my own schedule. It was also perfectly fine if I needed to come in at a different time of the day, I would just email my supervisor to let her know.
The first thing I did when I got to work was checked my work emails. I wouldn’t normally have too many to respond to. Most of them were from someone who sits close to me, so I could just get up and go talk to them about whatever they needed. Next, I open up our task manager, Asana. It is a great program that lets all of my supervisors post tasks to my list. We also use a program called Slack for direct and group messaging. On Slack, I can send digital files that I have created to whoever asked me for them. It makes it easy to communicate quickly about my daily tasks.
I spend most of my day at my desk, but if I am not there I am in one of my supervisor’s office’s talking about a project. Verbal communication is extremely important in my office. There are a lot of small details that are very important, so communicating face to face is the best way to make sure nothing is left out.
If I get hungry, I can go into the kitchen to grab a snack or a drink. They always have chips out. However, the best things are the coffee machines. They have Chameleon Cold Brew on tap, and also and a machine that can make almost any coffee drink you want. They also had breakfast tacos in there at least twice a week.
Working at C3 was awesome. If you don’t have fun while you are working there, you are doing it wrong.

Spring 2015 

Position: Artist Management Intern
Student: Psychology Senior

C3 Presents and C3 Management are located in the heart of downtown Austin on the 21st floor of an office building on west 6th street. C3 is an integral part of the Austin music scene. They are the company that prepares for, handles, and executes Austin City Limits Music Festival, and they are responsible for promoting and booking many of the shows that happen around Austin at venues such as Stubb’s, Emo’s, The Parish, and more. My internship this semester was in the Artist Management department, which is technically a different company than C3 Presents.

I work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons until 6pm: the time when most people leave the C3 office. The first thing I do when I come in is to see if any of the artist managers need anything urgently. If not, then I’ll check my e-mail to see what tasks have been sent to me and prioritize them according to time-sensitivity. I then check the web store for the artist “Heartless Bastards” and execute any merchandise orders that may have been placed. Afterwards, I post on their social media websites to promote their upcoming tour dates this summer. The range of tasks I am given varies from day-to-day, but among other things I submit expense reports for the managers to accounting, assist with looking for flights for managers and artists and arranging them in the calendars for the artists to keep track of.

Position: Travel and Artist Relations Department Intern
Student: Anthropology Senior  

My internship was in the Travel and Artist Relations department for C3 Presents. C3 Presents is the largest event company in Austin, and produce music festivals such as Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza in Chicago. In the Travel and Artist Relations department, there was always something to do or help out with. I went into the office two days a week for several hours. There is always Keurig coffee and tea for everyone in the office, and Thursdays are breakfast taco mornings with tacos from TacoDeli.

I worked on a good mix of projects in the travel and hotel area of things to the artist relations side of production. Most of my tasks involved Excel spreadsheets - entering data, auditing data, making Pivot Tables, adding formulas, etc. Very little math was involved but knowing Excel was extremely helpful and necessary, in my opinion. I helped book travel for artists and C3 employees for all the events in outside cities. This involved booking flights through Gant, Concur, Egencia, and SWABIZ. I audited and compiled hotel rooming lists for the staff, and at the end of each major event, assisted in expense reporting.

For artist relations, I organized spreadsheets for music festival furniture, as well as entered data into spreadsheets for artist hospitality. Occasionally, I pulled data from Rackforms to be entered into a spreadsheet. Since C3 is an events company, there were days when my supervisor was too busy to even delegate much work to me. But, the majority of the time, there is always something to get done as deadlines quickly approach in the events business. I enjoyed my time at C3 Presents and learned a lot of new things about how an events company operates day-to-day.


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