Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

CareBOX Program

Spring 2018

Position: Development Intern
Student: Sociology Senior

For the Spring 2018 semester, I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing non-profit organization called CareBOX Program. This organization provides free care supplies to cancer patients in the Austin area. These supplies help prevent infection, injury and malnutrition. The supplies are delivered to patients’ homes by volunteers in the Austin area and by CareBOX employees.

At this organization, I was given the position of development intern. As a development intern I mainly completed everyday tasks. Other interns worked to find funding from donors and to plan a large event where we earned over $60,000 in donations. I helped occasionally with planning for our event, but mostly stuck to daily tasks. My main job was to pack patients’ CareBOXes. I would organize the patient’s items and place them on shelves. These shelves held every CareBOX we delivered, so I had to keep the shelves organized and had to make sure there were no items missing. Along with packing, I stocked the items shelves when we received new shipments. I would unload boxes and organize all the items accordingly, as well as put bar codes on each item so they could be scanned when they were put into a patient’s CareBOX. These were my two main tasks, but I would also help with organizing patient files online, organizing physical papers into a filing cabinet, and help plan our event.

Position: Development Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

My current internship site, The CareBOX Program, is a small, local nonprofit that serves Austin-area cancer patients. The central mission is to provide patients who are vulnerable to illness and infection with essential hygienic, personal and household products to ward off preventable complications. Since it’s founding in 2013, The CareBOX Program has delivered over 700 CareBOX’s and served over 500 patients. Online enrollment is completely confidential and available for patients to sign up, select the items they would like to receive. There are a number of volunteers who spend their time picking up CareBOXes from the site and delivering them to patients.

The primary role of my position, development and event intern, is to assist with fundraising events as well as communicate with potential sponsors. Since The CareBOX Program is a nonprofit, all of it’s revenue, and extent to which it can better serve patients, relies on donations, sponsorships, grants and fundraising events. Most day-to-day responsibilities are done on a computer responding to emails, submitting donation requests and organizing spreadsheets. Sometimes, my duties will include putting together auction packages for events, supply inventory and even delivering CareBOXes. Typically, I am expected to come into the office three days a week, for about 10-15 hours per week. However, my supervisors have been very flexible and understanding of my school schedule and work with me if I need extra time to work on an assignment or study for a test.

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