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Liberal Arts Career Services

Century Management

Spring 2015 Site Review

Position: Financial Analyst Intern
Student: Economics Senior

The internship at Century Management is a great way to start your internship process. The job is fun, people are friendly, and the work is extremely detailed. This opportunity introduces you to the world of financial analysis and is a comprehensive course in not just the quantitative side, but the qualitative as well. The firms philosophy, unlike many other firms, focuses on a couple of main forces: 1) How has the firm performed over the years 2) How is the management behind the firm 3) How does management expect to increase profit for its shareholders in the future. Note that these are not the only things that are consider but are some of thing key main points in their style of investing. Now, theoretical schooling can teach you a lot about the quantitative course, but the qualitative is something, I personally believe can take time to master.
The typical day consist of reading the daily news, usually by the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, just to see what’s going on. After, you have tasks, which are given to you by your supervisor. Teams are associated in the beginning of your internship so that you know who to report to and take work from. Your work will consist of researching companies’ filings ranging back fifteen years. This helps to see how management has handled different economic circumstances that have challenged their business and profits.

The intern after reading a bit about the company would look into the segments of income the company has. This lets the investor know how specifically the company makes money and can calculate growth per segment—which is extremely important in the analysis. As stated above, century management is an ideal company to learn more about your vocation and what exactly you would be doing in the future if you continue along with your dream in investing.

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