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Summer 2015 Site Review

Position: Summer Analyst
Student: Economics Senior

Citi is one of the last banks with a dedicated commodities trading desk, and it’s something they are very proud of. The group has performed exceptionally well; quickly becoming one of the largest and best in the space within the past three years, and the investment by the parent firm has paid off so far. The trade floor occupies the entire fifth floor of Williams Tower in the Galleria, and the floor is split between sales and trading, structuring and origination, and the middle and back office roles.

Stereotypical trade floors are packed full of swearing, stressed out traders all yelling at their monitors and into their phones; the image is exciting but not necessarily an ideal work environment. While tempers will occasionally run hot in any trading environment, the people at Citi were remarkably composed and friendly, willing to take time to answer questions and explain what they are doing in all but the most stressful times.

I was placed on the Structuring desk, the group that designs long-term complex strategies for producers looking to hedge or speculators looking for more exotic commodity products. Unfortunately, when it comes to a trade floor, there is no real “day in the life” since every single day will be radically different than the one before. Typically, I would start my day checking emails and catching up on what has occurred in the markets overnight before checking in with my team to see if there is anything they need from me. After that, I would either work on the new project or begin working on a few long-term projects I worked on throughout the summer.

Typically I arrived at the office around 7-7:30AM and would leave around 7:30PM, with some longer days interspersed. Overall, it was an incredible experience and I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity.

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