Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Cloud [8] Sixteen Inc

Fall 2015

Position: Search Intern
Student: Geography Junior

My internship over the course of this semester was at Cloud [8] Sixteen, Inc. This company is a digital marketing firm, specializing in paid search/pay"per"click advertising, search engine optimization, website content development and social media. It is actually three companies in one, specializing in different online marketing strategies. I knew this company had a laid back culture from when I first interviewed – the two supervisors I talked with wore shorts, backwards hats, and used slang and curse words in our dialogue. I was asked to give examples of how I actively tried to accomplish something when I was unskilled in that area. I was also asked to make a paper airplane (and throw it!) to see how far it would travel.

I would describe “A Day in the Life” at this company as follows: I was free to set my own schedule (9:30 – 2:30pm) twice a week. I sometimes would come early and leave earlier. Since I have been well trained, I could immediately begin my duties once I get there. On Mondays I would work on keeping up with client accounts (checking on their data and making changes if needed). That usually would take up the entire day. I was never under any pressure to finish anything in a strict time frame, but I still made sure to work on assignments productively.

On Wednesdays I would work on whatever projects my supervisor had for me. We communicated face to face, through e"mail and through the company’s online internal portal “Basecamp” where you can access and see what all employees are working on. They were random but usually related to my department. Almost everything I did was at my own desk on my own computer. I sat right across from my supervisor, so it was very easy to ask for help when needed. I frequently was invited to plan this indoor basketball game some employees would randomly begin.

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