Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2018

Position: Project Management Intern
Student: Geography Senior

There is nothing like working at a tech startup. I hadn’t realized how strong of an effect a work environment can have on the employees at a company until I started working at Conversable. Most tech startups, including the one I’m working at, are extremely flexible with things such as vacations, where you want to work, etc. The idea is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible so that employees can be most comfortable and an work as efficiently as they can.

The office is completely open-concept, with no walls dividing people in different departments or in higher positions. The only private rooms are for meetings. Additionally, the office provides distractions such as an Xbox, ping pong, and board games so employees can take a break from working and recharge. Lastly (and the best part, in my opinion), the office has a large kitchen fully stocked with snacks and drinks-- cookies, fruit, hummus, Topo Chico, green tea, etc.

Interns at Conversable are given assignments that can be very different from each other. This is because Conversable’s client base is very varied in what they do. Some of the clients include Wendy’s, Whole Foods, Marvel, Cigna, and Facebook. Since each client is fairly different in what they do and what their goals are, so is what we develop for them at Conversable. Assignments may span from data entry and analysis to creating pitch decks and sales demos. You may also help actually create a bot or design its conversation flow!


Although working at Conversable is definitely challenging, it’s also an amazing learning opportunity. You develop a very wide array of skills that are very hard to develop in just one place- software development, sales and marketing, data analysis, and so much more. The best part about this place, however, is undoubtedly the people you work with.

Fall 2017

Position: Project Management Intern
Student: Geography Senior

On a regular day at Conversable, I’ll walk into the office and stop by the kitchen for a snack. I’ll walk by my coworkers, some of them working on a couch, others at their standing desks, and others playing ping pong. I’ll start by checking my emails and tasks assigned to me and get to work. Typically, I’ll be assigned a couple of tasks a day, in which I’ll have to do anything spanning from data integration to bot testing. I’ve had to look up, re-format, and integrate data on hundreds of pictures for clients such as David Yurman. On other occasions, I’ve had to look over a chat flow diagram and go over the actual bot to check if there are any errors. I’ve also had to update chat flows and content sheets, as well as record bots and create a demo video for sales purposes. What I’ve done the most, however, has been creating the bots themselves. That’s what I did for Sony—they came out with a new Polish crime series for which my team built bot experiences allowing users to go through and solve each episode’s crime—in English or Polish. I was given a script and videos/images – what we call “assets”—and used that to create bots for different episodes. It was a really fun experience. As for the office place, it’s what one would expect for a tech startup. It’s very fun—it’s colorful, open concept, and very dynamic. People work wherever they’re comfortable, whether it is one of the couches, the floor, sitting or standing desk—wherever. There’s an Xbox, a Nintendo Wii, a ping pong table, and more. People will play cards and ping pong in the middle of the day. There’s a fully stocked kitchen with treats and drinks. Even though everyone is given so many distractions and things to indulgence, people are always expected to deliver, and they do.

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