Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Colorado River Alliance

Spring 2018

Position: Environmental Education Intern
Student: Geography Junior
The Colorado River Alliance is a nonprofit environmental organization whose
mission is to educate and advocate to the public about the preservation and
conservation of the Colorado River. There are two main programs that the Colorado
River hires interns for: The Redbud Program and the Mobile River Program. I was an
environmental educator in the Redbud Program.
As a Redbud intern, I’d typically arrive around 8:45 a.m. on the days that we
would have programming. After arriving to the office, I’d be briefed on how the day
would work in terms of how many students would arrive and from what school. Next, I’d
help set up the stations in order for the program to function. The four different stations
are Watershed, Water Cycle, Conservation, and Colorado River. I would be in charge of
teaching one of those four stations. Programming runs for about four hours and so
during that time, I would have taught my stations four different times if we had four
groups of students for the day. Once programming ends, I’d help put away the stations
and then proceed to go back to the office. Once back in the office, I’d help prepare
materials for the next day. After that, I’d input data entry that we would get for the day.
Lastly, I’d see what else needed to be done in terms of special projects or other tasks
my supervisors had for me to do. Usually my day at the Alliance would end at around 2

My responsibilities as a Redbud intern, in order of importance, were: Teach YES

program effectively to students attending Redbud field trips in English and Spanish,

accurately enter data from pledges, evaluations, and docent hours into the Sharepoint

database using Excel, engage students in a positive way to help facilitate a positive

educational experience, communicate effectively and professionally with Alliance staff,

school staff, other volunteers, and fellow interns verbally and digitally, assist in

administrative tasks around the office including program preparation, break down, and

program materials maintenance, and participate in creek clean-up events.

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