Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Cutting Edge Gamer, LLC

Spring 2017  

Position: Account Management Associate
Student: Economics Senior

Every morning at work, the first thing every employee does is check to see if there are any emails from our customers, any order made the night before, and answer any phone calls that may occur. After 40 minutes have passed, our supervisor assigns every member our task for the day. Some of these tasks may be leftover tasks from the day before. When we get graphics cards returned to us through UPS, we clean and test them out for quality assurance. Afterwards, we relist them on our website for customers to be able to lease. Towards the end of the day, we package every graphics card ready to be sent out to our customers who completed their orders after going through our order verification process. Every Wednesday, every employee is assigned with calling customers who are past due on their payments. This is a daily occurrence while working at my company. I also have additional tasks solely assigned to me such as managing our social media and revenue reconciliation. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, I search for potential content for our social media. In order to do this, I research the current trends and hot topics. Once this is done, I carefully choose images known as “memes” for our social media based on how appealing they are for our audiences. The time that I post the content is crucial as posting in the morning yield the best results. For our company’s revenue reconciliation, I do them once our financial data for the previous month is available. This is an arduous tasks as the spreadsheets are riddled with mistakes from past employees. 

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