Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Dallas Stars

Summer 2017

Position: Ticket Sales Intern
Student: Economics Junior

Working for the Dallas Stars was an incredible experience. The Dallas Stars play professional hockey in the National Hockey League. As an intern I worked 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. When I walked into the office I was given a small desk with a laptop and phone. The laptop gave me access to a program called CRM that allowed me to receive a list of potential clients. This list came from the Dallas Stars website. If you attended a game and purchased tickets from the website it requires you to put in name, phone number, email address, and physical address. My list came from people who attended one game and sat in the Terrace level (third level). I open a profile and it gives me all the information for that specific person. If there is ever communication between a customer and a sales rep it is logged in the system. Whether it’s a voicemail, email, or phone call, its recorded. Typically a sale is made between the 4th and 9th point of contact. We don’t want them to feel rushed in the decision. We’re lucky that we are selling entertainment and people have desire to spend money for our service. On a daily basis I make about 50-70 cold calls a day. Some days they are filled with conversation, some days they are filled with voicemails. Once people express interest in tickets we are able to lock certain seats for up to 24 hours. Once they give me their credit card information we officially reserve the seats for them and send them an email with all of the information regarding their seats and payment plans. The Dallas Stars do an incredible job awarding good performance and building moral in the office. Within the first couple of weeks of the internship the office held a sand volleyball tournament. The atmosphere in the office is unlike any I’ve ever been apart of. I hope that when the internship is over they offer me a full time job when I graduate.

Summer 2016 

Position: Communications Intern
Student:  Government Junior

This summer I interned in the communications department of the Dallas Stars Hockey Club. I would begin each day by compiling news clips and distributing them via email to all the employees in the organization, local media members, and some of the player’s publicists. Most of the articles that I included in the news clips document were from the team’s website, the league’s website, the Dallas Morning News, blogs covering the team, Canadian sports news services like The Sports Network (TSN) and SportsNet, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Fox Sports. I checked these pages daily and would conduct a Google search to find stories or videos about the team that weren’t featured on the previously mentioned sites. This activity required thorough research skills and attention to detail.

After compiling and distributing the Stars’ daily news clips I would write press releases or work on sections of the team’s media guide for the upcoming regular season. I only wrote press releases before and during free agency, and after the entry draft. Outside of free agency and the draft, I focused on the media guide. The press releases I authored focused on the players we drafted and signed in free agency. These documents included biographical information on the players and various statistics highlighting their careers. Completing the regular season media guide is the main task of the communications department during the offseason. The sections I worked on required intense and thorough research of the team and players’ stats from the previous season. I also wrote biographies for most of the team’s recently acquired or promoted skaters.

I also worked the organization’s prospect development camp. This gave me the opportunity to see how the communications department serves as a liaison between the players, the organization, and the media.

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