Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

DangerBird Records

Fall 2018

Position: Marketing & PR Management Intern
Student: American Studies Junior

This Fall I’ve been interning at a record label based out of Los Angeles, California called Dangerbird Records. The office here in Austin is located on the East Side by the Mueller HEB. My duties have included social media management, mass mailing assembly of new record releases, press promotion and tour marketing administration, and special projects. I focused on social media mainly, because this is the position that I am most likely going to enter into when I graduate. I created a new system to organize copy for tour marketing and record releases that helped keep track of Tweets and Instagram Posts. As well, I would often help with mailing of new records and other merchandise that needed to be shipped out in a timely manner. My voice was often heard and respected if I had an idea or solution to a problem, which is definitely not the case at a lot of internship sites.          

I was scheduled to go into the office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am to 1pm. On Mondays, the day would start off with checking my email for any new assignments that needed to get done throughout the week. My boss would make a checklist for me so that I’d always be working on something even if the day might have been slow. A large part of my day would consist of writing copy for social media since there were always things that needed to be shared about new record releases or tour dates that our artists had just announced. Copy included tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts. Working with photoshop, I would also create graphics for social media or radio promotion. On some days there were calls with artists that my boss let me listen in on so I could hear the interactions between artists and the label. This was probably my favorite part of the internship, since I got to directly listen in on the ways that a label influences artists’ decisions and vice versa. Overall, the internship was great and I’d definitely recommend it to other students looking to enter the music industry!

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