Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2017

Position: Software Engineering Internship
Student: Humanities Junior

My internship this past semester was at a company called I served as a software engineering intern for the company, which is currently sized at 50 people. Before I dive too deep into what work I did, let me explain the company first. is a company that is working to build the most meaningful data platform in the world. What does it mean to be a meaningful data platform? The current state of data is such where data is scattered everywhere. With this being the case, it’s incredibly to hard find data to use for analysis and finding insights. Most of the time of a data scientist is notably known for searching and cleaning data, as opposed to performing analysis on the data. aims to solve this problem by creating an open platform where people can upload their data. The thesis of is open data. The idea is that by having an open data platform, more people can find data faster and then create insights and analyses faster. But isn’t just an open repository –– it’s so much more. The company also has worked to build a data analyses platform on the site itself, so people can perform their analyses on the site itself, instead of moving to another application. Lastly, is a social site –– so it combines all your fun data oriented people in a Facebook like environment. As a software engineer I was in charge of building a better experience for our 100K users, specifically in the context of email. My job was to create a better email system. I would wake up every day at 9:30AM to prepare for my daily 10AM standup meeting. There I would present my progress and goals for the day, week. Then I’d head to work typically at 1PM and work till about 6PM. Every day I’d work on my project –– emails. I coded in a lot of HTML and CSS and JavaScript, especially in React frameworks. Every Friday we’d have show and tells where we’d show off the work the different teams would be doing. The routine hardly changed from that and frankly –– I’m not one to complain. The company treated me well, compensated me fairly, and taught me so much. Even without the free lunches, is a company I’m honored to have worked for. My biggest takeaway is that your major literally does not matter. If you show determination and learn some technical skills, you can get any job you want.

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