Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Devils River Conservancy

Fall 2019

Position: Database Developer
Student: Sustainability Studies Senior

Interning at the Devils River Conservancy was an overall positive experience for me, the best part was the internship supervisor, Julie, if you put the work in she will probably give you opportunities to network and possibly put you in contact with people who work in the specific field you are interested in. Most of the work is on the computer, using Zotero, working on adding documents related to the Devils River onto a database. This requires a lot of reading of scientific papers and old newspapers, as well as critical thinking about what should be included in the database or not. You also routinely sweep the database for duplicates or issues with copyright from the papers. Another large part of the job was sending thank you letters to donors for their donation, as well as adding their donations to a spreadsheet that keeps track of who donates what. I also assisted occasionally in grant applications and learned a lot about how grant applications work and how to write a good one. Often you work independently and this internship requires someone who is a self-starter and able to stay on task. The office environment was nice, pretty average, although the location downtown was relatively convenient, and you receive a parking pass that you can use after hours as well. The non-profit shares the office floor with Texas American Resources Co, the people are very nice and accommodating, however it is a small office population and not extremely diverse. Occasionally you are allowed to work from home, although it isn’t necessary and the office is available to use if you don’t have a workspace at home. Julie, the internship supervisor allowed us to choose times within the 9-5 business day, but she wants people to intern for at least 10 hours a week. The internship also has the possibility of travelling, although it isn’t required I believe the travel opportunities are the best time to meet others in the Conservation field and grow professionally. I recommend this as a good first internship, and an introduction to the non-profit world, but for more experienced candidates I suggest applying to other organizations as well.

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