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Dimensional Fund Advisors

Summer 2016 Site Review

Position: Financial Advisor Services Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a mutual fund asset manager headquartered in Austin, TX with offices across the United States and multiple countries across the globe. The firm manages over $400 billion and as of 2016 was the seventh largest fund family within the United States. With a unique approach to investing based on academic research, Dimensional has a track record of success stretching back thirty-five years.

Dimensional is a world class institution in every sense of the term and interning at the firm exposes you to hardworking professionals from some of the leading universities across the country. From the three Nobel laureates that are on Dimensional’s board of directors to the employees sitting on each floor, Dimensional is a collaborative and encouraging environment that places a premium on a strong foundation of academic knowledge and hard work. As an intern in the Financial Advisor Services group you are first exposed to a multitude of trainings that pertain to the business in general and its functions, as well as the financial services industry as a whole. Throughout the summer though, don’t be surprised to frequently join the rest of the full time employees—from Vice Presidents all the way down to entry-level associates—in various lecture style meetings which afford the whole staff the opportunity to continuously develop their knowledge base and skill set. Dimensional is unique in that it does not try to pick stocks or forecast, its strategy is instead based upon academic research, and so it makes sense that it is valuable for the company to continuously be educating each employee about its strategies and academic background.

The Financial Advisor Services group’s role is to work hand in hand with a wide range of financial advisors across the United States that invest their end client’s assets in our mutual funds. To that extent, as an intern in Austin you aid in servicing that relationship with Dimensional’s advisor clients by performing portfolio analysis, industry performance evaluations and a multitude of ad hoc projects that full-time Associates and Senior Associates need help with. Similarly, as an intern you are assigned a strategic project that you must complete and present to the firm before the end of the summer. Projects are assigned because they actually add value back to the team, they are important in allowing interns to branch out and get to know employees across the company, and are a great way for an intern to leave their mark on the firm.

As an intern you are fully integrated into the firm and work no more than forty hours a week with a one hour lunch break every day. There are between twenty and thirty Financial Advisor Services interns from top universities from across the country and throughout the summer there are multiple social events and dinners that take place all over Austin that are hosted by the firm. In aggregate, Dimensional provides a fantastic internship experience that is valuable in allowing students to learn and grow, and full time offers are extended on the last day of the internship.

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