Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Dolphin Entertainment

Spring 2021 

Position: Content Development Intern
Major: Government Sophomore 

Dolphin Entertainment is made up by a number of entertainment companies, providing services such as public relations, entertainment marketing, and their own film and TV productions. I worked as a content development intern in their film production department and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I found Dolphin Entertainment through the UT New York program, they were one of the internships advertised and I just applied. I was fortunate to get an interview and then later a job offer. In this internship, I have a variety of duties; these duties include reading books or scripts and providing summaries and analysis, creating potential casting lists for upcoming productions, researching markets for potential development, previewing writers for upcoming projects, and reading scripts for typos. I am able to do a wide variety of things that have provided me an excellent insight into content development in the entertainment world. My favorite thing about this internship is getting to constantly come back to projects in the various stages of their development. For example, I read a script on one of my first few days and I have been asked to come back to it numerous times and do things like create casting lists or research directors for it; I have been able to see its development from its infancy. My internship has been a rewarding experience and I am so happy I have been able to do it.

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