Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Embassy Suites by Hilton

Spring 2017  

Position: HR Intern
Student: Government Junior

There are various positions open on the intern level at the Embassy suites. There are sales, business management, culinary, and human resources internship opportunities. My internship at the Embassy Suites was as a human resources assistant, however, my main objective was to complete a specific project. As one of the three human resources interns my job was to increase the low associate engagement scores (AES) from the year before. These associate engagement scores are a result of the staff grading their department's based specific behaviors. Ex: My department manager treats me with respect. The other two human resources assistant’s duties were to create and refine training manuals and to make sure paperwork was up to date for audits.

To increase these scores given to our departments by the staff, I had to personally talk to them and ask what their issues were with their department. Once I did my personal interviews, I discuss these issues with human resources director and general manager, where we met together and decided on solutions for these issues. After we narrowed down the AES survey, which originally had 27 questions, to 10 main questions that were issues for all departments, we wanted the department managers to look at the issues the staff had and come up with solutions on their own. Lastly, they wrote down the solutions that they had, I added it to a spreadsheet and had it printed on a poster board to hang up in each department. This poster board served as a reminder to the staff that their department managers are responsible for these solutions, and it is the staff's duty to hold them accountable. 

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