Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Epic Records

Summer 2017

Position: Intern
Student: Psychology Junior

I loved my time spent in the brand partnerships department of Epic and Sony Music Entertainment. Each day began at around 1030-11. I would come into the office, check in with my supervisor, and see if there were any tasks that needed to be completed right away. Then I would head to my desk. At the beginning of the week, it was my job to review all latest music videos for product placement. Whether it was various brands of alcohol, vape pens, clothing brands, and/or cars, it was my responsibility to document everything I saw. If there were brands featured that the brand partnerships department hadn’t worked with before, it was my job to find contact information. This objective took up a majority of my days. In fact, it was very difficult to find detailed information for certain companies. I was required to find the headquarters address, headquarters number, and a list of 3 relevant individuals (head of marketing, head of brand partnerships, head of management, etc.) and their emails. I did this for various water brands, alcohol brands, vape brands, and others. If I completed this job, I was also given the opportunity to search for new, up and coming brands that epic artists could possibly work with in the future. Consequently, I would find their contact information as well. Although my daily schedule was filled with lots of research, I rarely found the job tedious. I felt I was making a positive impact on the company and forging the way for new partnerships in the future. I also learned a great deal about Sony’s past brand partnership positions. For example, Jennifer Lopez, an Epic signed artist, signed a deal with Sprint in her latest video “Ni Tu Ni Yo”. It was exciting to see Epic signed artists directly working with these brands in such a fruitful way. My days usually ended at 6. I was always exhausted, but I felt very satisfied with the work I completed.

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