Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Spring 2015 

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: International Relations and Global Studies Senior

A day in the life of an intern at ERPeople is, without a doubt, full of learning experiences. Being an IT company, and my position at the company having to do with marketing and sales, I had to learn the products and services we offered really well. I learned about the IT world, programming, and overall a lot of tech news and tricks that I didn’t know before.

Furthermore, being an international company, I got my fair share of international exposure to the clients in Mexico and the United States as well as my co-workers. I learned about the business culture in Mexico through my boss and the C-Level executives that would come to Austin from Mexico City for meetings, which I got to take part of as an observer and translator thanks to my mentor and supervisor Agustin Rodriguez. I also got to learn a lot of everyday business jargon. Additionally, I got to conduct a lot of market research and everyday I became better at assessing competitors as well as potential costumers.

My responsibilities consisted of doing market research, translating websites and letters from Spanish to English, assessing potential clients, updating social media accounts as well as designing a marketing campaign revolving around them, and lastly getting familiar with SAP and what it exactly does. Time wise, I would work two out of the three days in the morning, starting at 8 A.M Tuesdays and 9 A.M Thursdays, the afternoons Wednesday and I would do home office Fridays. Overall, my boss was really flexible with my schedule and understood the demands of school for a full time student. My advice would be to not hesitate in discussing this with your respective mentors, as they generally really understand about things like that.

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