Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Germer, Beaman & Brown, PLLC

Fall 2017

Position: Assistant Paralegal
Student: Government Senior

Interning as a clerk at Germer, Beaman & Brown, PLLC is an amazing experience and opportunity for any pre-law student at The University of Texas at Austin. The position is paid, and their hourly rates are competitive with other similar positions in the Austin metro area. You will receive your own desk when you secure a position at Germer, and you will be assigned to a team of attorneys. The firm as a whole handles many different types of legal issues. The group I was placed with focuses on administrative law, meaning that the attorneys represent clients in front of state and federal agencies and other administrative bodies. This a unique area of law that I knew nothing about prior to my employment with Germer. That is one of the greatest things about interning with the firm, the ability to explore and discover new areas of the law and legal process. Every day you are charged with performing legal research for existing cases, and in my case, assisting with client intake procedures. There is plenty of upward potential at Germer. I began as a clerk, but after my team saw the quality of work that I am capable of, they started having me perform more specialized tasks and billing as a Junior Paralegal. You get out exactly what you out into an internship at Germer, and if you work hard you will get to do more exciting tasks like accompanying attorneys to trial or hearings. Each day consists of drafting researched information for cases, billing hours, making binders for hearings and client meetings, and fielding calls from new clients. When interning at Germer, there is never a dull moment.

Spring 2017  

Position: Clerk
Student: Government Junior 

As a case clerk intern at Germer, Beaman & Brown PLLC, you will never have a dull day at work. Clerks are assigned to a team of two to four attorneys with a specific practice area of law. Depending on what area of law you are interested in and the needs of the firm, each attorney team may have one or two clerks. You will be expected to do everything from mailing out attorney bills to clients, to performing legal research for specific cases, to working the front desk and directing visitors to meetings. Clerks are expected to serve in a variety of roles.

In a typical day, you will arrive at the firm at 9am and log onto your computer at your own desk located in the vicinity of your legal team. Mornings will be spent going through emails and saving messages from clients onto the internal servers for record-keeping purposes. This is important because attorneys bill hourly for client communication, so records of this communication is sometimes requested in billing disputes. Chances are, you will be asked to act as a courier for legal paperwork to either a courthouse or state administrative body sometime each workday. You are reimbursed for gas at a generous rate, and getting out of the office is sometimes a welcome perk. You will learn to index and compile binders of pertinent documents for trials and hearings, which are requested on an as needed basis. Learning to prioritize time sensitive tasks, such as legal research for attorneys meeting with clients, over your never ending pile of documents to physically file is a key to success. Your work day will end at 5:30pm with the occasional opportunity to work optional overtime performing research for litigation teams.

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