Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Giant Noise

Fall 2018

Position:Social Media Intern
Student: Sociology Junior

This semester I interned for a local Public Relations firm in Austin called Giant Noise. Giant Noise works with hundreds of local and non-local clients by managing their PR. Some of the things Giant Noise does for their clients include: managing social media accounts, drafting press statements, compiling press statistics, and coordinating events. I worked as a Social Media intern at Giant Noise where I played an adamant part in planning out content to post on various client’s social media accounts. This internship takes on a decent amount of responsibility as you have to meet deadlines quite often and one must be very organized in order to succeed in an internship like this.

My day to day routine as an intern at Giant Noise often varied because the industry is very fast paced. Usually my day consisted of logging into the Google Sheets app where I drafted social media content on something called a content calendar. The content calendar was basically just an excel sheet with dates where I would insert pictures and a caption for them to be posted. These calendars kept me super organized and made it much easier to post the content on time.

When I wasn’t managing social media, I worked on creating influencer lists. An influencer list is a compiled list of individuals on social media in which Giant Noise uses to promote their clients. These influencers were often invited to events or asked to post about something and we used the lists I created to pull from. I got to work on a little bit of paid advertising but that wasn’t a very integral part of my day to day responsibilities. At the end of each day, if there was merchandise that needed to be sent to the influencers, I would package it, create labels, and ship them to them. Aside from these daily responsibilities, I attended a few meetings with clients when I got the opportunity and I also attended weekly sync meetings and intern discussions.

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