Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Gerson Lehrman Group

Fall 2015 Site Review

Position: Research Intern
Student: Plan II/Senior

A typical day for a GLG intern is tough to describe because the responsibilities varied on a pretty large spectrum. Most importantly, I was given challenging assignments with the potential for valuable outcomes. In general, I was assigned with ad-hoc research requests from the colleagues on my team. If, for example, one of my team mates was working with a client who was interested in investing in online music streaming software, I would research and contact someone in our council of experts who our client could speak with.

If GLG did not have a contact with proficient knowledge in music streaming, I would brainstorm potential experts in the field and reach out to them to expand the GLG network. I would spend down-time staying current in my industry and learning as much as I could about the subject experts in my field. This research allowed me to help clients as efficiently as possible because I would know who to contact for specific information given their past and present focus. 

I think what really made my experience at GLG incredible was not so much the daily tasks, but opportunity to learn by watching and interacting with those around me. As an intern I was placed at an open table mixed with associate and senior level employees. It was fascinating to hear their phone conversations, or look onto their computers for an afternoon to learn their methods for effective research.

Overall, the GLG office is incredibly collaborative. Everyone there was unbelievably supportive and eager to include me on anything I expressed interest in. I received exposure to so many industry experts and found wonderful role-models in my colleagues. I truly felt like a valuable member of the research team, and that is priceless in an internship experience.


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