Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Holiday Inn

Fall 2018

Position: Accounting Intern
Student: Economics & Sociology Junior

My internship required to work for 4 hours for 3 days per week, I can choose the shift for myself as if I want to work in the morning (9 AM to 1 PM) or in the afternoon (1 PM to 5 PM). The tasks will be the same either I choose morning or afternoon shift except for few such as cash deposit, receiving invoices (which can only be done by the end of the day).

On the first and second day at the beginning of the job, the supervisor will go over the position, discuss what shift each intern will take, how can he help them in grading and supervising as school required, what method should we contact him the best, etc. Then he will sit with an intern(s) and teach us how to do for each task, how to work on finance management websites such as iBuy Efficient and M3. The job has a lot to do on iBuy, so it is necessary to get familiar with this website as a part of the accounting career path.

The workers are assigned will depend on the work amount left from the day before. The intern will receive invoices and cross check with what appears in the system, make sure things are correct, stamp invoices and written date of receiving, then transfer to corporate. For some invoices just delivered, we have to make payment for them, but first have to create Purchase Order (PO) in the system, then make payment. Some vendors have the contract with corporate will be received and make payment, intern required to know how to check what month is already paid and which not. Interns also need to remember the General Legend code according to the department and their reason for purchase. Such as 10 is for everything related to Administration, 80 is for things related to Maintenance, etc. the GL Code has to be recorded correctly and written on each invoice along with PO number. Some other tasks but not appear frequently: create new vendor or update vendor contact information, get cash for each day from safety box.

Interns need to know to raise the question when in confused or doubt of how the job/tasks assigned should be done. Since we work directly to the accounts system so if any mistake related to vendor accounts could cause us in troubles, it may not be big trouble but would create a mess to other process and works of other people who in charge of other parts.   

Position: Accounting Intern
Studnet: Economics Senior

Working at the Holiday Inn as an accounting intern is one of the best decisions I made in my college career. As an accounting intern, you get to work in the accounting department by directly assisting two accounting managers. It is a small group, so you are expected to help them with various tasks including managing accounting receivables, accounting payables, handling cash deposits of hotel staffs and preparing for the bank, dispersing petty cash, and more. When you first start working here, it is recommended that you bring your notes and take notes on everything that they train you because it is highly likely that you won’t remember most of the stuff by just passively listening. It personally really helped me having the notes with me all the time.

The first thing I do after I get there is continuing on the work that another intern has left of if she has not finished the work. Then, I usually take a 30-minute lunch break. You can just eat what hotel is serving that day, or order some food from the kitchen with the employee discount. After lunch, I continue to work with cash deposits and prepare them for the bank if it’s Mondays and also create and receive P.O numbers for numbers of invoices. The key here is to really detail-oriented, so you don’t make any mistakes. You are also responsible for reporting accounting payables and receivable files to the corporation. There are some other tasks that you will learn, but these are the main day-to-day responsibilities of my role.

 The hotel also has a sales department which is located in the lobby whereas the accounting department is in the back in the hotel. You will need to go to the sales department to use the scanner frequently, so it is good that you know the names of people in the sales department. 

Spring 2018

Position: Accounting Intern 
Student: Economics Senior

My internship has been carried out at Holiday Inn-Town Lake Austin. You may know it as the greenly-lit hotel that neighbors the I-35 highway and Lady Bird Lake. I serve as an Accounting Intern within their Accounting Department and I work directly with the Accounting Manager and the Accounts Payable. I was able to secure this internship informally through networking. I have been the only Accounting intern there for some years because prior to my arrival, the position was closed due to interns not taking the internship seriously as well as being disruptive to normal business operations. This could mean asking too many obvious, similar questions that should be common knowledge. I combat this bad habit by taking notes down for reference. Fortunately, I have been able to open the position up again but only per my referrals.

A day at work for me means: creating P.O. numbers for offline invoices, receiving invoices that have P.O.’s, counting the daily deposits that could be upwards of $10,000 (like they are when it’s SXSW or there’s a state-wide convention in Austin), handling chargeback disputes with bank entities, or sometimes depositing the daily deposits at the bank.

My supervisor is a current student at Texas State since he is going back to get his undergraduate degree in order to earn a promotion within the Human Resources Department—he is understanding of my schedule and is very flexible with me. I used to come in during the afternoons after class, but found that coming in the morning before classes was better for my schedule. The days and times I come in also are dependent on whether I have exams or other important events too. I’ve got to network with all the managers and employees there, as well as received a job offer that will always be waiting for me. The hotel is like a family and are always welcoming. Being in the hotel industry, hospitality is a must to our guests, but to get that treatment amongst our co-workers has been a huge plus.

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