Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Hotze Runkle

Spring 2018

Position: Legal Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior 

At Hotze Runkle, the personal injury law that I intern at, us inters have two duties. One is our recurring administrative tasks. The other is working on client projects with either a paralegal or attorney. This workplace is an extremely supportive environment for undergraduate students who want professional work experience, and it is especially supportive for undergraduate who are interested in law school.

For our recurring administrative tasks, we separate large pdfs of recently scanned releases, we file client documents in the filing room, we determine which client’s documents go to an off-site storage facility or go to the on-site filing room, and we send mailouts to clients. These tasks happen everyday without anyone asking, and it is expected that we complete these tasks as an intern team. While these tasks may seem boring and tedious, these tasks should only take up 30% of your day. Sometimes, they may take up the entire day if there documents to file or mailout to send out.

Our other duties are working on client projects with a paralegal or attorney. Currently, I am paired with a paralegal to complete work history affidavits for our asbestos clients. They give us a detailed work history and a list of products they used during their employments. With this information, we find and identify jobsites where they probably exposed to asbestos containing products, and we send these affidavits to the asbestos settlements trust to make a settlement claim of behalf of our clients. Some of the other interns are doing similar work with other paralegals. 

In all, I believe that this a great place to work at. Not only do you learn about personal injury law, you develop essential communication skills in a professional office setting.


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