Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Human Rights Campaign

Summer 2015 

Position: Finance Intern
Student: Government Senior

A day in the life at the Finance Department of the Human Rights Campaign involved a 7.5 hour work day, with a one hour lunch break, totaling to 8.5 hours a day. Many supervisors allowed interns to set their own schedule, in reasonable terms. The beginning of the day started with emails and scheduling, and then moved into whatever project I happened to be working on. These ranged from creating a reimbursement policy for volunteers, to scanning and recording checks from members, to counting money for Pride events across the country. A large summer project was tackling the Finance filing room for a full reorganization. This project included getting new cabinets, shipping out old materials, filing misplaced materials, boxing materials that needed to be maintained, and so forth.

The interns of HRC were all friendly to one another. There were about thirty of us in the office and between 12 and 1 we would gather downstairs for lunch. About 1 or 2 times a week we would have intern “Brown Bag Meetings”. Lunch (or breakfast/snack) was provided as we sat around a conference room to listen to various people talk about different issues affecting the LGBTQ community. I had the opportunity to hear from healthcare providers on HIV/AIDS, diversity and inclusion specialists on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, various law fellows on prepping for law school, and many more.
The afternoons were mainly spent going over check requests for the week’s check run, which is every Thursday. This meant organizing the check requests, proofing them for accuracy, posting them in a finance database, getting them approved, cutting the checks, getting them signed by the appropriate people, and mailing or delivering the checks when they were completed.

Overall, my experience at HRC was positive. I met a great deal of people and had many opportunities to learn more about the organization and their work with LGBTQ equality.
Ultimately, I would recommend this position to finance or accounting major, as much of the work is accounting based.

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