Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Inside Books Project

Spring 2015 

Position: Project Volunteer Representative
Student: English Junior  

Inside Books Project (IBP) is a non-profit located in Austin, Texas that sends free educational material and literature to Texas prisoners. Every three months a prisoner may ask for more books of their choosing. Every Thursday and Sunday from 7pm to 11pm, about 50 volunteers from various organizations from around Austin and the University of Texas come together to write letters and find books from the IBP library, ensure the packages are made correctly, and tape the packages up to be delivered.

As an intern, I’m expected to go above and beyond these duties. The first Monday of every month consists of a meeting that outlines how we’re doing as a non-profit and ways we can make everything run more smoothly. I’m expected to show up earlier than the typical volunteer, and must stay later in order to get all of the packages ready for shipment. Various times throughout the semester, I was asked to drive the packages down to the post office and pick up more crates while I was there. I planned an IBP book drive with a University of Texas organization, and was in contact with several other organizations to ensure they were having a good time at IBP and that they would keep sending volunteers. As an intern, I was expected to do a lot of administration work as opposed to the typical volunteering.

However, IBP is a very relaxed internship site overall. I did not have set times besides the volunteer days on Thursdays and Sundays, they let me weigh in on how effectively the non-profit was running regardless of me being just an intern, and the workspace is stress-free. IBP is located at Space12 on East 12th street. This space is rented out to a lot of different organizations, but is home to IBP at the times and days I have stated previously.

When you walk in, you immediately see a huge mural on the left wall; it changes frequently, but is always peaceful. You will also notice weird lights hanging from the ceiling that provide just enough light to feel like the room is lit, but not enough to make you feel like you are under inspection. The IBP library is pretty small, but it is big enough for you to look for the books you need to look for and not take up a lot of time. Overall, it is a stress-free internship that is relatively flexible when it comes to hours.

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