Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

LT Commercial Group

Fall 2019

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: IRG Senior

For my internship, there are many variations of how a day can go depending on tasks that need to be done during a given timeframe and goals the company needs to achieve. Usually when I first come in, I check all forms of communication that could be left behind such as voicemails, my email, and any notifications on (a task management website). Then I check metrics for our marketing channels which include social media and our emails. For social media posts, I look at how much engagement the posts have gotten and how many people it has reached since its posting from the previous day. Emails are similar in that I check how many people opened the messages and how many clicks it received to external links. Then I check the marketing content calendar to see what I need to put out and be done for the day. Usually this includes social media posts to our Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, and execution of any email campaigns.

Throughout the day I can be doing a variety of tasks and responsibilities. One of which includes attending any scheduled meetings and conference calls. I also find myself frequently creating graphics and templates for visual content to post on our marketing channels. Additionally, I create and write content to accompany these visuals and tailor it to our targeted audiences. To best organize when and where content gets posted on the different social media channels, I also utilize social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Recurpost, and Facebook’s built in scheduling tools. These tools also allow me to schedule content on the most optimized times during the day to best maximize organize traffic and engagements.

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