Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Summer 2017

Position: Summer Intern
Student: Human Dimensions of Organizations Sophomore

 This Summer, my hours were 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each morning, I would arrive at the office and settle in at my desk. I would always check my email first, because if there was anything important going on that day, such as buying appointments or special guests at the office, I would need to know. After that, I would re-set and organize the Men’s and Women’s showrooms, as well as organize the sample closet. Organizing the showroom meant preparing it for meetings with buyers, so all of the jackets and accessories had to be in perfect condition, and presented to look their best. I would often steam or clean jackets, as necessary. Keeping the sample closet organized was also important, because it held many jackets, handbags and accessories in a small space. Almost everyday samples would come back from either press or photo shoots, and I was responsible for unpacking the packages, and putting the samples back in their correct spot in the closet. Organizing the showrooms and closets usually took up most of my morning. After that, I was able to take an hour lunch break, and usually met up with friends that worked near by to eat in Bryant Park. After lunch, I would regroup with Mohammed, the Show Room coordinator, as well as the other Account Executives in the office. Almost every afternoon was different, and I was given various projects throughout the Summer. One afternoon I was invited into a buying appointment with Katie, the Men’s Account Executive. Other afternoons I helped organize hundreds of styles to be ready for photo shoots. I also often had work to do on the computer, such as working with excel documents and line sheets, as well as research on potential clients and stores. I also helped send out look books to potential clients. I enjoyed that each day was different, because it allowed me to help out with almost all of the different jobs in the office, as well as get to know the different employees and what their specific roles entailed.

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