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Liberal Arts Career Services

Meritage Homes

Fall 2015 Site Review

Position: Construction Intern
Student: Government Senior

My internship was with Meritage Homes as a construction intern. My day typically starts at 7:30 in the morning and goes till around 5 pm. The first thing I do when I get to the community is unlock the houses for the workers and then I meet with my construction manager to plan our day.

Throughout the day we check on work completed, schedule and reschedule work and materials, and meet with buyers/homeowners. Meeting homeowners/buyers at there future home is a highlight in my day. The buyers are so excited to see the progress their home has made. Of course, many times they have questions and concerns that need to be addressed, which is what you are there for. Explaining the building process to the buyers helps calm them down and eases any worries they may have. In many cases the things they are worried about are very typical of the building process, educating the buyers on the process is key to a successful relationship with them.

The internship also incorporates warranty work. Warranty work is when a house is already closed but has an issue that needs to be resolved such as small drywall cracks, leaky window, or the hot water not working properly. Warranty issues come up because a house is man-made, imperfects happen. On Monday we have our subdivision meeting, in which we meet with our director of operations, purchasing department, and sales team. These meetings are to ensure that everyone is on the same page about when closings are, the appearance of the community, and future planning of the community.

As a construction intern you will learn so much each and everyday. Your responsibilities are the same as the construction manager; completing the home in a timely manner while building a great home for someone. You will learn how to work with buyers, how to properly build a home from start to finish, and how to work effectively in a team. I highly recommend Meritage Homes, they have been so welcoming and I have learned so much in a mere semester. If you are interested in Construction Management, this internship is the best decision you could make

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