Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

National Student Leadership Conference

Summer 2017

Position: Business and Entrepreneurship Assistant Team Advisor
Student: Economics Freshman

During this last month of July, I worked as an Assistant Team Advisor at the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC), at Yale University. This conference is held throughout 10 different prestigious universities throughout the nations, and it specializes in more than 20 different fields that range from STEM to business to performance arts and more. The mission of the conference is to help high school students explore career options and have an insight into the field of the program they chose.

As an Assistant Team Advisor, I had a varied range of responsibilities. The main responsibility I was in charge of was the group of students I guided side by side with a Team Advisor throughout the 9-day program on site. As an Assistant Team Advisor, it was my job to assist the Team Advisor in meetings and with the different simulations our students had to go through. However, the opportunity to do more was always present, and I always tried to look for one. The students had two different simulations: a product pitch for a product the students had to come up with and prepare in the span of 7 days, and a multinational corporation facing different situations in the span of a fiscal year. It was in these simulations that I was able to help my students the most, as I used the knowledge that I had gained in my different classes to guide them through the decisions they had to make as a team.

My second biggest responsibility was a class I was in charge of preparing and teaching. As I came to site for the second half of the summer, I was paired with another Team Advisor to teach a previously prepared class on International Business. This was part of a series of lectures prepared by the staff on different topics such as Marketing, Business & Las, Resumé Building & Interview Skills, and Leadership.

Our days were long and full of work, which made keeping my normal routine harder that I expected. Our responsibilities would usually begin around 8:30 AM with activities throughout the day that would go on until 10:15 PM, with breaks for lunch and dinner in between. After that, we’d have responsibilities as RAs to do RA checks in every room at 11 PM; finally, we’d end the day with a logistics meeting that would usually go on until 11:45 PM.

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